Thursday, January 23, 2014

Medallion Quilt

I don't keep a journal of my quilts and sometimes, randomly, I keep a pattern that I found in a magazine.  I have lots of quilting books and often look at some from inter-library loan.  The result is a bit haphazard and I often do not remember where I found a pattern.  Since I now create my own patterns, at least I know where they are, but that is fodder for later blogs.  Right now I am taking you on a vicarious journey from my quilting beginnings.  The pattern for today's featured quilt was taken from a magazine, which published it in several parts.  If anyone knows where I got this, let me know and I will be happy to give credit.  It is a medallion with many parts and pieces and it introduced me to the intricacies and pleasures of adding successive borders to make a quilt. With so many different blocks, I learned a lot of techniques and ended up with a useful quilt, which was pretty on my bed.

I knew about blocking knitting projects, but it was many years before I learned about blocking a quilt.  It laid on my bed flat and I was happy.  I also learned about broderie-perse and used it to design the center wreath.  Once appliquéd I outlined the elements with embroidery floss and outline stitch.  It is all hand quilted with grid around the appliqué and lots of stitching-in-the-ditch where the seams were not too thick.  I don't remember what design I quilted in the center and the quilt is currently packed away so I can't look.

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