Saturday, April 26, 2014

Freezer Paper Piecing

This is a short post today with no photos.  I hope it is helpful.

I  have been asked a question about Freezer Paper Piecing and since I am not set up for video photography, I found a U-tube demonstration, which shows it well with lots of detail.  One link is for Part I, but be sure to continue to Part II.  I use this for simple and/or large patterns.  If you are doing a complex pattern with tiny pieces I think you are better off using a foundation paper that you sew through.  With Sulky Paper Solvy, the paper will dissolve when the quilt is washed or soaked.  The problem I had with freezer paper on a complex pattern is that it tends to peel away if you are not careful and that is why I use a pin or two judiciously.  The beauty of using freezer paper is that you don't have to pull paper out when you are done, and you can reuse your freezer paper pattern on the next block if it is the same.

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