Saturday, May 24, 2014


We were advised on short notice that a grandson will be spending the next week with us.  We are so looking forward to this special time with him, and will be driving into the snowy mountains, hiking, visiting the local Art Show, and doing everything we can think of to have fun.  I will be cooking too as this young man is very tall and loves and needs his calories.  I don't know whether I will have time to put together the next installment on Hallelujah Rhapsody in a timely manner, but I haven't forgotten and will get it out as soon as playtime allows.  I appreciate all the interest and encouragement I have received via your comments.  Thank you and stay tuned.  I WILL be back!  Now we are off to the airport to meet that plane from Texas.

The pincushion cactus are blooming here in the mountains.  The pretty colors and regular design could be inspiration for a quilt.

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