Monday, August 11, 2014


I quilt.  I love to quilt.  I quilt almost every day.  Sometimes I cannot get to my sewing machine as now because I have a lovely 16 year old granddaughter staying in my sewing room at the moment.  We have been to a quilt talk, have taken some hikes, and will visit a college and wander through a quilt show.

The summer is winding down and I am thinking of winter when I sew daily, but also have time for photography and digital painting.  Here is a painting that I did of a sleek, black cat in whose home I lived for several years until his favorite person, my daughter, married and took him with her.  He was a character as are most cats.

I painted this on the computer from one of my photos.  By learning this technique I have eliminated the need for space and ventilation required for oil painting.  No fuss, no mess and just as much fun.

I will return next week with a tutorial about designing spiral quilts.


  1. That is a nice painting! Sounds like you have a good relationship with your granddaughter. And maybe you will be back in the sewing room soon if she is heading off to college?

  2. Really cool painting, Mardi - sounds like an interesting technique! Have fun with your granddaughter…

    Whoop whoop!!

  3. Hershey is gorgeous...and your painting is so realistic it almost looks like a photograph. I admire your talent & I want to give Hershey a big hug!

    1. Thank you Debbie. Unfortunately, Hershey is long gone. He was a wild and happy cat, but didn't cuddle anyone except my daughter.