Saturday, October 10, 2015


Do you ever have times when the sewing just isn't getting done?  I love to sew and find it therapeutic, satisfying, challenging and gratifying, but once in awhile it just doesn't happen.  Maybe I am solving a problem.  Maybe I am not enthusiastic about the next task (ripping, basting).  Maybe life gets in the way and I don't have time.  Maybe my sewing room is too much of a mess.

I found myself in No-Sew-Time this week.  I finished the background for my Phoenix, I got it sandwiched and pinned all ready to start quilting.  Although excited to get started, I sometimes set myself other tasks, which my inner genie says must get done first.  Quilting will be the reward.  So, I tackled the mess in my sewing room since I could hardly move in there anyway.  I put away all the papers and paper patterns.  I went through the memorabilia boxes, repacked them and sent them off to new residential space.  I separated fabrics and scraps that had taken over the bed.  I made swags for my bedroom windows.  I went through my closet and took a load to the Thrift Store.  Finally I did the long avoided:  I cut down three T-shirts that were too long and hemmed them (they have only waited three years or more get the treatment).  Now I have new T-shirts without buying any.  Now I can move in my sewing room.  Now I can find the bed.  Now I can start quilting tomorrow.

TIP:  Really?!!!  I found this on Facebook.

I welcomed three quilts home last week from the show circuit.  The one below spent a lot of time in the inner regions of my skull before I actually put my ideas into Illustrator.  Eventually I came up with the design and figured out how to do it.  Not every step went smoothly, but it all came together in the end.  There are some glitches and of course the judges found them, even some I didn't know were there, but I still love the quilt and enjoyed doing it.  It mirrors the beautiful designs of the Mediterranean where nearly every surface is intricately decorated.  I pieced, appliquéd, beaded and painted.  The little stars at the bottom are stenciled with gold Tsukineko ink.   I quilted it on my home machine.

Mediterranean Mélange
Up close
Sew a happy seam this week.


  1. I have no sew weeks too. It's a chance to catch up with everything else that needs doing. I find if I try and sew when not in the mood I make so many mistakes. Great quilt, so intricate

  2. I'm in the middle of not much sewing time. Very frustrating. I'll take your idea and clean up the studio more. Mine is in desperate need of it. Your quilt is WOW! Very nice.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Good job cleaning up. I need to do that too!! Sewing makes such a mess. ;)

  4. Wow! Everything about your quilt is amazing! And the Singer advice made me smile!

  5. Wow, that piece is stunning! CAn't figure out how you did it? Is it appliqué? Anyway, I have lots of no-sew weeks, but they make me very grouchy!

    1. The intricate corner pieces, little top design and spirally thingees are all machine appliqué, The rest of the quilt is pieced.

  6. I have an owner's manual that came with an old White machine that says pretty much the same thing. It cracks me up - if only the author could see me on my 'stay home and sew all day' lipstick or makeup for me! :) Your Mediterranean quilt is stunning! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. The instructions forgot the string of pearls and high heels I always wear to sew! :)

    Those gold adornments in the corners are just wonderful!