Monday, June 27, 2016

Paper Tape and Pressing Tools

I said I would check:  Surgical paper tape is available at my Safeway pharmacy so I would guess it can be purchased elsewhere if needed.  If your paper piecing is too big to print on one piece of paper in your printer the paper tape is the way to tape pieces together.  It is not gooey on the needle and it folds like ordinary paper.

I mentioned in response to a comment last week that I love Sulky Paper Solvy for paper piecing.  I feel I should mention its only downside.  It scorches easily and gets brittle if you iron down each seam.  My solution is to press with this clever little tool.  I actually find it does a better job and the paper remains stable until I am done.

Bought this at Joann's.

I've heard that a 1" wallpaper roller works well too.  I know we used to have one, but have no clue where it might be so I haven't tried it yet.

I have been scurrying around getting the house spiffy for houseguests, one of whom is the granddaughter who drew the design for my Phoenix quilt.  I used my recent sewing time to finish setting fused fabric in place for my little dog.  I have not ironed it down yet, and I am glad for that because I noticed one piece that is the wrong color.  It makes a lineal black blob where there shouldn't be a straight line of dark fur.  Funny how you can work away and not notice something like that until a day later.  No photo yet as I don't want to show it until I am happy with it.  After the family leaves I will spend time creating a background behind the dog.  Still puzzling on that one.

I will have a forced break from sewing this week as Sweet Granddaughter will be using the sewing room as her bedroom.  Perfect time to catch up on some other things that need doing...such as hiking!

Sew a Happy Seam this week.


  1. Good tips on paper piecing on this post. I am a beginner at it so am looking for all the help I can get.

  2. Sometimes a forced break is needed; I feel it's like taking a vacation from work. Even though I love sewing, when I have to be away from it for very long I always come back renewed and excited. Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter, and thanks for the tip on the pressing tool.