Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Quilting as Therapy

I have been swamped with year end stuff and the birthdays of several family members.  I always write my annual letter in January to avoid the confusion of the holidays.  This year I am rushed even more to get it done before my daughter's knee surgery.  I MUST get all this stuff done and my week already has two out-of-house days.

I am really finding out what my daily quilting does for me because I am not doing any right now.  What do you gain from quilting?  These are the things I treasure:

**The challenge.  There is always something to challenge our capabilities.  There is something     new to learn.  There is something new to try.  There is something to think about and puzzle out.

**I love the opportunity to be creative.  Design a quilt.  Design a quilting pattern.  Choose colors. Figure out how to put a quilt together both design-wise and technical-wise.

**Many quilting tasks require repetition where you have to pay attention with some intensity.  Even monotonus tasks leave me more relaxed when I finish.  The satisfaction of progress is a real upper.  As you go over the same thing time and time again your mind has time to wander and think about things in your life to the music of the motor.  

**There is pleasure and happiness in finishing a task or completing a quilt.  I love to go back to look at what I have done.  Sometimes I see things that need fixing, but mostly it is gratifying to see something accomplished and looking pretty.
After a session of quilting I am ready to quit for awhile - until the next day anyhow!  It somehow leaves me feeling a little like I do after good exercise session.  I find that the little worries of life go away for awhile, leaving me more willing to face and deal with them.

You have heard it before:  Work on a quilt and say goodbye you your therapist.  Works for me!

The quilt below is sitting on my machine waiting for attention.  I turned it over and the light from the window highlighted the texture of the quilting.  The other side has color, but the back is different sort of vision.  On the front some of the quilting doesn't show much, but the back says it all.

Quilting from the back.
Sew a happy seam this week.  I wish you joy in your quilting.


  1. Beautiful quilting! I agree, the process bring happiness and calm.

  2. Lovely quilting, Mardi. Inspirational.


  3. Mardi, you have said it all so well. Your points about the values of quilting resonated with me, especially the first one, the challenge. Being retired and unable to get out much, quilting stimulates and captivates my mind in a way that I need for satisfaction. It's why I'm now getting into improv in a new way, to keep discovering new ideas and things I can accomplish. You forgot to mention petting the fabric, a special pleasure.

  4. Beautiful back! It makes me want to see the front, too. I agree. Quilting is a joy and good therapy. When I can't quilt, I get cranky! Partly because I'm not doing something I love, and I suspect mostly because working on a quilt--no matter what part of the process--raises my spirits, just as you described.

  5. Very good points Mardi. Quilting definitely is therapy - thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  6. Extraordinary quilting!!! And lovely thoughts, too!

  7. Wow, wow, wow, and WOW! Gorgeous quilting as always!