Monday, August 21, 2017

Quilt Show and Hoffman Challenge

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival was last week and of course I attended.  It is the only major show left in our area, which is surprising because we have so many great quilters here.  Several quilt magazines are published this area and we have a wonderful Quilt Museum.   I went on the first day (Thurs), but even so was surprised to find so few attendees.  Maybe the other two days were better.  Unfortunately the show seems to get smaller every year; fewer vendors, fewer quilts, fewer people.  The complete Hoffman Challenge was on display, but several of those quilts were badly creased.  There were a lot of clever, creative designs with the chosen fabrics stitched within.  The winners can be seen here.  Following are a few that struck my fancy.  Some may have been winners, but they didn't provide ribbons this year.  Instead they put a small ribbon-shaped sticker on the ID card and I didn't notice those until I was ready to go home.  The winners were scattered among all the rest and hard to find.

If any of you made one the quilts below I am sorry that I cannot identify you.  The cards were so small that they didn't show up with my camera.  Let me know and I will place your name with your quilt on this blog.

Unique - Black and White

I liked the way the color and black and white were united.

Nice spikes.

Loved the explosion of color.

Nicely done clown.

There were several nice jackets.  I liked this one best.

Appealing.  Fun detail on the lower right.

Novel with the unusual shape.

Fussy cut star.

Out of an old English novel.

This face was sculpted like a bas relief.  Very nice!
It won a First Place.

Sew some  happy seams this week.  I wish you a chance to look at the quilts of others.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the quilty talent with us!

  2. LOVE some of those! But really - a sticker? Badly done, Hoffman.