Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dead Space

Some weeks it seems that nothing gets done.  We pulled out some boxes, unpacked them, photographed everything, put the photos into a pdf and sent it off to our daughters to find out who wanted what.  The house is a stack of boxes and packing paper. The floors need attention, but I made my high fiber, sourdough bread and the bathroom is clean. What more can a girl ask?

Sewing machine went to the shop, down the canyon almost an hour away.  Next day DH picked it up and nothing had been wrong with my repairman says.  The "broken" button is working OK now, so I just feel foolish, but that button didn't work when I took it in!!!!

Finished quilting the dog, but not completely happy.  Learning.

Measured my quilt top.  All measurements varied, but the average for both directions was exactly the same.  That's what happens when there are so many pieces.  I'll have to be careful to keep my quilting even.  It is ready to sandwich.  Yay!

I topped the week off with a hike.  Add that to the 1/2 mile dog walk and I clocked 4 miles that day.  Really stiff the next day, but it is getting better.  We had a bluebird day, some snow and ice on the trail, but a magnificent time outdoors with my sister.

Gem Lake iced over.  Lenticular clouds that I wanted to pet.
Partial view from the trail.  This is where I live!
Not much sewing, but there are some weeks like that, and my brain has been busy.  My ancestry takes me back into the nobility of England, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.  My great grandfather from England had a coat of arms (COA) of which he was most proud.  I became interested in the art of heraldry from seeing a bookplate of his COA, and found that I could create one that incorporated many appropriate families from my ancestry.  There are strict rules as to which families you can display.  Anyhow, you can see my digital rendition on my other, lazy, blog with a brief explanation.  I think it would be fun to make a quilt of this.  Each block would be 6-7 inches square.  I will appliqué, paint, stencil and piece.  I don't know whether this is do-able or not, but I'll have fun dreaming, planning and trying it out.  It will probably be a lifetime piece.

Sew some happy seams this week.  Give yourself permission to get outdoors, play, dream and create.


  1. I hopped over and looked at your other blog. What a lovely coat of arms and terrific family history. I do genealogy also and so far no coats of arm. I do have English in my ancestry: Sherwoods and Barney. What a nice life to be living in a gorgeous area!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do love genealogy and have been doing it for years for my family and others. Yes, it is glorious to live here in the mountains and we love every minute. I love quilting just as much - never tire of sewing.

  2. It is okay to have a week or two of being outdoors and doing other hobbies. I always think of it in the way sometimes you need to walk away to let your mind solve whatever problem you have encountered. I hope you have found some great sewing time in more recent weeks.

    1. I agree. I think the dead space settled and I am now back on track. Dead space is not a bad thing. The only negative is not accomplishing anything on the quilt, but life happens and it doesn't do any good to obsess over it.