Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asian Window

I love Asian fabrics and designs.  I don't know what exactly attracts me, but I always stop in the Asian section of any quilt store I visit and I have made several quilts with an Asian theme.  I fell in love with every aspect of this fabric:  birds, colors, moon, volcano.  It just spoke to me and kept calling for awhile as it sat in the closet begging to be released.  I have also liked the look of the "Attic Window" pattern, but this fabric needed something bigger than traditional, little windows.  I sat down at the computer and drew out a perspective view of a series of windows on Adobe "Illustrator," my go-to design program.  Once the design was on the screen I printed out the various parts and pieces, which became the cutting patterns.  From there it was just a matter of cutting my beautiful fabric (oh how hard that was!) in a way that would showcase the design elements.  Did I succeed?

Birds through the Window
My Asian grandson walked into my sewing room and saw the pieces partially arranged on my design wall, and he said, "Wow, Grandma!  That is cool."  Ultimately I gave it to him as he loves all things Asian.

The window sills and frame were quilted in straight lines, close together with a walking foot, but I went all out in a new direction by quilting around the birds' feathers.  This was the first time I attempted anything so detailed and intricate and it was my first time with metallic thread.  Quilting around fabric designs is a fabulous way to learn to control machine quilting.  Somehow, you will know when you are ready for this.  The background behind the birds is quilted with long, flowing flame stitches that follow the lines of color.   The stitching on the volcano follows the path that lava might flow and the moon has some squiggly, curlies on it.

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