Friday, February 14, 2014

Fussy Necessity

I was finished with all my works in progress.  What to do.  I have to have a sewing project.  I love Jinny Beyer's unique patterns and use of color so I went to her website and found a free pattern called "Coraline."  (I see that it is no longer free.)  I had a beautiful border fabric, but it was a bit short of the amount required for the quilt.  I did a lot of fussy cutting, measuring, making one pattern piece into two, scratching my head and rethinking.  I managed to chop the fabric up enough to complete the quilt with very little left over.  This is the final result of my version of  "Coraline."  I have mixed emotions about it because I really didn't have my heart in it.  I just wanted a project. The best part was that most or maybe all of the fabric was teased out of my stash.

 This pattern allowed freedom to do some more formal and ambitious free motion quilting than I had done before.  Unfortunately my photo does not show what I did. I have decided that photographing the quilting is a must as I look back at my quilts and can't remember what I did.  I must get those quilts out of storage!  Still too much snow and ice!  It is also a testament to my lack of confidence in my free motion quilting.  I still hadn't discovered Leah Day but did have couple of  Hari Walner's books of patterns.  The thread choices were made to fade into the quilt:  white on white, blue on blue, etc.  That way my wiggly lines and uneven stitches would not be as noticeable.  Perfection is an admirable goal, but probably unrealistic for most of us.  Keep on plugging.  It only gets better if you practice.


  1. Your piecing is wonderful. Quilting that one will be so interesting!

  2. It was interesting to piece as there were many Y-seams. It is a great pattern if you want to get proficient with Y-seams!!