Saturday, January 24, 2015

AQS Albuquerque

One of the first things I did in going to Albuquerque was learn to spell it!  That accomplished I walked into the beautiful Convention Center and drank my fill of gorgeous quilts by award winning quilters.  I was greatly humbled.  I didn't take pictures of all the top winners because I have seen some of them at other shows as well as published in one or more of the magazines to which I subscribe.  It is likely many of you have seen them too.

Best of show was for "Stars on Mars" (85"x85") by Gail Stapanek and Jan Hutchinson.  This was very striking with its high contrast, difficult construction and level of perfection.

Stars on Mars


Best Longarm Machine Quilting was for "Majestic Mosaic" (87"x86") by Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin.  The appliqué was impeccable and the quilting was unbelievable.

Majestic Mosaic

The winner for Best Home Machine Quilting (82"x96") was "Snow Flowers" by Susan Stewart.  The photos may not show how pristine white this quilt was, but believe me it was white as fresh snow.  The introduction of lace as a border element was unique and very beautiful.  The quilting is magnificent especially considering how large the quilt is.  It proves that we can do it on a domestic machine if we just keep practicing.

Snow Flowers

"Sunset Sentinel" (44"x39") by Cathy Geier. was a first place winner, but I don't know what category.  The tree was quite unique, made with black lace.  It had flecks of blue fabric encased behind the lace and was quilted with tiny pebbles.  What a great way to represent a tree in silhouette and suggest the myriad tiny branches and leaves.  I love it!

Sunset Sentinel

That's is for this week.  I will show some more next week.

BTW and OT another great personal accomplishment as a result of this trip was teaching the dog to ride and behave in a very frightening cage called an elevator, which bumps, moves, pings, has flashing lights and a very dangerous door that appears to be self-motivated.  She rode it like a champ by the time we headed home.


  1. Mardi, you must have had a ball! I too am always humbled when I go to quilt shows. There are some people whose skills are just too incredible to comprehend! I am in love with the Sunset Sentine quilt! Black lace? - pure genius!

  2. What incredible work! Thanks for sharing the photos from your trip!

  3. What beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those were spectacular, Mardi. Thanks for sharing with us.