Monday, February 2, 2015

More Albuquerque Quilts

I am having such fun reliving the AQS Albuquerque quilt show and sharing some of the beauty with you.

This is "Tink's Choice" by Laura Trenbeath.  It appeared in one of my magazines and you may have seen it too, but the exquisite detail work was not shown.  It is embellished by colored crystals and small gold metal disks.  Most unusual.  The quilting is gorgeous and the colors are striking.  Lots of tiny pieces.

"Tink's Choice"
Gold disks on "Tink's Choice"
Quilting on "Tink's Choice"
"My Version of a Persian" by Christine Wickert is entirely made of silk - the top, batting, backing and all thread.  Beautiful appliqué that really looks like a persian rug in quilt form.

"My Version of a Persian"
"My Version of a Persian" detail
"I Dream of Wild Horses" by Kris Vierra is reminiscent of a Native American dream catcher, which is said to catch bad dreams and let the good ones through.  The first thing you see are the lovely, realistic horses and then you notice the beautiful quilting around them.  Finally you look at the dark background where the quilting is done in lovely colors that shine in the dark.  The edge is scalloped.
"I Dream of Wild Horses"
"I Dream of Wild Horses" detail
"I Dream of Wild Horses" detail of dark background.
In spite of all the stunning quilts I think "Crime Scene Investigation" by Pauline Salzman is probably my favorite.  It brought a chuckle to this dog lover.  It was hard to get a close look and photograph it because there were people around it all the time.  Some of the fence boards are made with comical text relating to dogs and their mischief.  Ms. Salzman says, "They are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."  So very clever.

"Crime Scene Investigation"
"Crime Scene Investigation" detail
"Crime Scene Investigation" text on fence (two of many)
There were several car quilts, but I will subject you to only one, "Smokin' Hot Truck" by Lynne Pillus.  It is a representation of an old fire truck, the original of which is in the Patrick Ranch Museum in Butte county, CA.
"Smokin' Hot Truck"
That's it folks.  Next week I will show some photos of the work of the Egyptian Tent Makers.

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  1. I saw Crime Scene Investigation at NQA in Columbus. It is cute!