Monday, August 24, 2015

More Hoffman Challenge Quilts

Today I have more Hoffman Challenge quilts.  If you didn't see the ones I posted last week, just scroll down to my last post.

More elephants.  I love this parade.

A colorful, pretty sampler.

Isn't this horse a beauty?

More of the popular elephant theme.

Whimsical and fun.

This was very unusual design with color that really caught my eye.

Lovely appliqué and nice quilting.

Great dancing gypsy.  I loved the use of the challenge fabric in this one.

The intricate design caught my fancy on this one.

An interesting "modern" quilt.  It was sad to see the obvious fold lines, and they were a distraction on many of the quilts.  I can only assume that they were packed too tightly for their trip to Loveland.  However, it was a great show.  It is fun to see how all different quilters use the same fabric.


  1. I love the Hoffman Challenge - we have it at our little quilt show every year!! The fold lines...I think these quilts spend so much time traveling from show to show that they are constantly compressed and everyone seems to fold them the same way every time - maybe they should be instructed to get creative with the folding so this doesn't happen so much! I wonder if you did a double batting of wool and poly if that would make a difference since they don't seem to crease as badly as cotton batting does. Perhaps Hoffman should suggest that their participants use wool batting just for this reason??? Thanks for sharing these quilts - I love the "modern" one!!!

    1. In previous years the curator lived near the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival, the only place where the the entire list of entries is shown so the quilts weren't packed for very long. This year the curator moved to CA and I wonder if the quilts weren't packed for longer and possible packed too tightly. I have entered three challenges and my quilts have come home in the fall in good shape with no heavy creases. I use cotton or wool batting. However, you are right. Quilts should be folded differently each time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. My friend Ana from Spain just sent me your bolg site because the picture of the horse is mine. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    I do have to agree about the way the quilts looked hanging in Loveland. This was my fifth year entering the challenge and I was so disappointed to see how all the quilts looked.

  3. I was so excited to see my horse quilt "don't prance on my posies" on your blog site. My friend from Spain sent me the site.
    This is my fifth year doing the Hoffman Challenge. I have to agree, the quilts didn't look thier best this year. It's disappointing when you put so much work into them and take so much care in shipping them.

    1. Thanks for the comment Pennee. I love your horse. He looks very lively and real. Sorry I didn't get all the border in. It was hard taking pictures when there was a mob in the booth.