Sunday, August 16, 2015

Visiting the Hoffman Challenge

The complete Hoffman Challenge is shown at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival and of course I never miss it.  I went through and took photos of the quilts that struck my fancy -- no other rhyme or reason.  I decided not to include the winners, but there were many and I found myself taking a picture and then realizing that quilt was a winner so I decided to just have fun and click away.  I didn't get all the winners, but you can see those quilts and and challenge fabric on the Hoffman Challenge site.  Click on the 2015 fabric to enlarge it.  Click "Winners" to the right of the fabric swatch/thumbnail to see the winning entries from all categories.  I apologize that I don't have the names of the contestants or the titles of their entries.  There was a big crowd and I couldn't be too fussy without interfering with other peoples' enjoyment.  Just have fun looking at the quilts.

There were a lot of elephants this year.  The fabric lent itself to eastern motifs.


I loved this.  I am pretty sure the face was painted,  It was not thread painted.  She won "Best First Time Entry."

In spite of the dark fabric, this was bright and cheery.

This was a spiral quilt.  The judges seem partial to them with all the intricate sewing.

Another well-done whimsical piece.

These camel were fun with the facial detail.

Another elephant idea with an interesting backdrop.

This artist added lots of color to her design.  It really stood out among the others.

A few of the dolls.  They were in a dark spot where it was hard to get a decent photo.

Next week I'll post some more of the entries.

Sew a happy seam tis week.


  1. Looks like a fun show! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! That talent in this lineup is amazing!