Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hoffman Challenge Response

I  wrote about the Hoffman Challenge and how disappointed I was that the whole show was not at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in August.  See my post here.  I am posting a response that was written by Michelle Flores, the curator for the Challenge, on their Facebook page:

I very sincerely apologize for the poor communication process in concluding the 2016 contest.  It was not our intention to leave you hanging with questions about your artwork and the "next steps" of prizes and trunk shows. We've been running behind schedule and are working to catch up with all over the next couple of weeks. Winners were announced on the Hoffman Fabrics' website on the Challenge Facebook page, but I did a poor job of informing you about the unveiling of category winners. Click here to see the winning artwork.

{Regarding} ROCKY MOUNTAIN QUILT FESTIVAL: I deeply regret the lack of notice on the Hoffman website / Facebook pages that this show in August would NOT be showing the entire 2016 collection. This year, there was a 40-piece trunk on exhibit. I failed to recognize there would be wide interest from many Challengers who regularly attend the show. I feel much remorse over disappointing those who attended.

This was Ms Flores' first year as curator and coordinator for the challenge, and I thought it was a gracious move to write this post.  I am hoping she and the people from Hoffman Fabrics will see fit to show the whole collection at Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival again in the future.

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