Sunday, August 28, 2016

Time Off for a Show

My daughter and I went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival.  This is where the Hoffman Challenge traditionally displays all the entries that were accepted into the show.  Imagine our surprise to find hardly any of the Challenge...maybe 15-20.  I didn't count.  No dolls.  No apparel.  No booth for information.  On the way out we asked about it, and apparently Hoffman has changed things around and this was all they sent.  The lady at the ticket table said they were as surprised as we were.  What a disappointment.  I did take a few photos of some of those Challenge quilts, which struck my fancy.  I did not look that closely at technique; that's for the judges.  I apologize to the quilters whose hard work created the following.  The labels were so small I could barely read them, let alone take photos of them.  The chosen fabric was littered with butterflies in many colors, and there was a "light" colorway and a dark colorway from which to work.  At the Hoffman Challenge website you can see the winners' quilts and if you scroll way down will find the butterfly fabric.

The following is a selection of those we viewed in person:

There were lots of butterflies within butterflies.
I found this one charming.
Unusual, interesting.
Lots of color.
Accessory fabrics within the stained glass framework.
Neat idea that spoke to me.
Love the precision.  Nicely executed.
Ten individually bound mini-quilts stitched to the turquoise background.
Like an entomologist's display.  Clever.
I like the overlaid embroidery on this one.
This one made me laugh.  Cute idea.
I must say that standing within a booth with five or six butterfly quilts I began to feel like there were too many bugs buzzing around.  Weird sensation, but the quilters really created their quilts with realistic butterflies on the brain.  Very few used the fabric only for color or texture.

The rest of the show was made up of exhibits by different groups.  The highlight for me was a booth with three of Sharon Schamber's beautiful quilts.  The detailing was spectacular.  I could have stood there for the next hour just taking in her incredible workmanship.  This particular show is not juried so there were no individual entries or prizes.  The exhibit I liked best was done by the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters.  I didn't think to take any photos.  I must have left my brain at home.  They have a fine bunch of talented quilters in that group.  I don't know that I could have chosen any that I liked best - they were all amazing.

Caveat:  You may note some quilts that look like they are hanging poorly.  You are right!  The bars they were hanging from sagged in the middle.  This made the quilts slide toward the center so fold lines were accentuated, which made some quilts look crooked and bent.  Many of the bed-size quilts were dragging on the bare floor.  What a shame!

Next week I will get back to the saga of my binding redo and share a gorgeous binding on one of Sharon Schamber's quilts.

Sew a happy seam this week.  I wish you inspiration from the quilts above and others that you may encounter.


  1. I agree - what a shame. Quilts deserve to be treated with the same care the maker puts into creating them. I understand about not taking pictures. I'm usually so wrapped up in what's going on that I often don't snap a pic, then regret it when I want to see a particular quilt again. I'm glad you got to go to the show, and am sorry it wasn't quite what you expected.

  2. I recognize the one with ten individual quilts sewn to a background - it's made by a member of our guild! Congrats to her, and at least you got to see some of the wonderful challenge quilts. And how lucky to see Sharon Schamber's work - I'm jealous!
    Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    1. What fun that you know the maker of one of the Hoffman Challenge quilts. I never know whether I should publish these photos, but the quilts do hang in the show for the public to see. I enjoy sharing them with readers who do not get to see the Hoffman quilts. I really missed having the opportunity to see the whole show. Oh well! Things change and evolve.

  3. It's so amazing to me what a variety of different quilts people made from the same inspiration fabric. How fun that you got to see them in person!

  4. Thank you for showcasing pics from the 2016 Hoffman Challenge exhibit at the Rocky Mt Quilt Festival. Unfortunately I was unable to attend and see the exhibit in person myself, but I was excited to have one of my quilts included in the display and be featured on your blog. Thank you for capturing the pics and posting!!

    1. I am glad you didn't mind my sharing your quilt. I had no way of asking people if it was OK to use these photos. I always enjoy the creativity that is shown in the Hoffman Challenge.