Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flying toward the Sun

Done!  Isn't that a fabulous word?  Sometimes I have felt that the Phoenix and I have been trapped in a tunnel, but this past week we broke out into the sunshine.  I finished.  After more than a year, I finished!  I only have to hand stitch the sleeve on the back.  I plan to show the quilt so I can't post a full photo until it is accepted in its first show.  Here is the bird hanging alone on my fancy design wall.  It hung there while I quilted the background quilt onto which I eventually sewed it.
Thread-painted Phoenix
I am breathless with the anticipation of starting a new project.  While the quilt was drying on the blocking board I began preparation to redo the portrait of my grandson.  The problem I had the first time was thread choice - too pink for Asian skin.  I have since purchased threads in brown tones, which should work better.  The next challenge was to print the posterized image at decreased opacity on Sulky Sticky to stick to background fabric as a guide.  Unfortunately, my Sulky Sticky is on a tight roll and I could not get it flattened enough to go through the printer.  What to do?  I thought that ironing it flat would be my choice, but can I iron the stuff?  So off to the faithful, useful Internet.  After looking at several sites I found that you can iron transfers onto it for embroidery purposes.  What I took from that piece of info is that it can be ironed.  So I did, placing it under a silicone pressing sheet.  It flattened out beautifully and I was able to print the portrait.

TIP:  Use the Internet.  There is a ton of useful information out there on the products we use for quilting (but then, you already knew that).  An added benefit is that researching and continued learning  keep your brain agile as you get older.

Black Belt
The dark strip across the eyes is where two pieces of the printed Sulky Sticky overlap.  The thread painting will cover it or I may use an eraser to tone it down before sewing.  I can also gently lift it and carefully cut it away.  Trial and error is my middle name.  I have begun stitching one cheek with the lightest colors.  I find thread painting very relaxing - much like painting in other media.

Sew some happy stitches this week.


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see the finished phoenix quilt.

  2. Wow. Your phoenix is amazing! It's so detailed!

  3. Your phoenix is gorgeous! The picture of your grandson will make an amazing thread painting :)

  4. I triple that Wow! But I wanna see the whole thing , (show whines mornfully) how long do we need to wait? A year of making the same thing would make insane but then they say it took Leonardo 15 years to paint the Mona Lisa so you are in good company.

    1. I send it off to its first show next week. Once that show is over (May 5-7), I will post, about the 2nd week of May.

  5. Your Phoenix is beautiful and I can't wait to see the completed quilt! You are so right that you can find any information on the internet, have fun with the neat portrait of your grandson!