Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I feel such freedom.  I loved doing the Phoenix, but it dragged out for 1 1/2 years because of all the problems.  I have started my thread painted portrait, but I find that I tense up, which makes my sore shoulder complain so I limit the time I work on it.    However, it is coming along nicely and fairly quickly.

As a backup, I have started another project too.  It will be a scrap quilt using leftover fabrics from the Phoenix.  I think it may end up a bit wild.  I have had fun on Illustrator designing foundation pieced patterns for a variety of stars.  It would be fun to have every star different.  There will be room for some interesting quilting in between the stars.  I do not intend to show this one.  I don't know how big it will be.  I don't know how long it will take.  I don't really care.  It is just a fun project to have around  in the wings when I am working on something more serious.

I am torn between regular paper piecing and paperless paper piecing.  I did a partial block with the paperless method, finished it all up and one piece of fabric wasn't enough for the seam allowance so I tossed it and am now doing the block with with paper.  Now I think I will try again with the paperless method.  I should time the two methods and see which is quicker.  I'll think about it!

Doesn't look like much at this stage.
TIP:  It is really fun to do an unplanned quilt sometimes.  I think I will do a block or two here and there, and just let them accumulate.

I will also be taking a class by Barbara Yates Beasley in mid-May.    She does lots of animals both realistically and fancifully.  I couldn't pass it up because it will occur right here in my little mountain town.  We are supposed to bring fabric scraps, but I am doing my own little dog and I don't use her colors in my quilting, nor do I save a lot of scraps.  My daughter said, "Why don't you use some wild colors that you already have?"  Well since this is my first class with Ms. Beasley I decided to go realistic.  Besides I am drawn to photorealism, so I went out and picked up some appropriate fat quarters.  What fun to buy some new fabric!  The photo below is the one I am planning to do.  I am hoping that those eyes will be the centerpiece.

TIP:  If you have a few shekels to spend it is so validating, relaxing, and fun to buy a little fabric (or a lot of it).

Dixie as a puppy
Those projects should take me through the summer, and I will start another spiral quilt in the fall.  It is already designed and will be my first foray into the Modern movement.  Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I think it will be straddling the border of Traditional and Modern.... or maybe it will just be an Art quilt.

Sew a happy seam this week.


  1. I admire your perseverance and I'm sure I will admire your Phoenix when it is unveiled. Well done.

  2. Looking back..Phoenix looks stunning! WoW! I am really enjoying paper piecing, not sure how I will feel with a larger project, I guess I will find out this summer! Your Dixi is adorable, such a sweet face.

  3. It really is so freeing to work on whatever, whenever, with no deadlines or expectations. I'm happy you are experiencing that right now. Enjoy your class - sounds like fun!