Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This 'n That

My brain is working on other things this week.  I am varnishing trays that my mother painted 50 years ago.  With usage over the years there has been some damage to the finish.  The only place I can varnish is my sewing room because I can keep it somewhat free of dust and dog hair by closing the door.  Meanwhile my thread painted portrait languishes because varnish, mineral spirits, brushes and paint have taken over its space.
What a mess!
This is a great time to take the sewing machine to my service person for its annual cleaning and adjusting.  I highly recommend that you do the same.  I sew 2-3 hours most days and it is ready for its check-up every May.  You get the best results when you take good care of your machine.  Just like a car.

Remember my post on folding fabric?  Well it looks great, but when I went to add a couple more fabrics I found it difficult to manage the long, folded pieces (about 10" x 6").  It is just hard to maintain the fold on both ends while squashing the rest of pieces in the drawer to make room for the new.  The most efficient way to do it is to remove the drawer, set it on its side, add the new fabric and replace the drawer.  Nuisance.

Long fold turned out to be inefficient.
Solution:  Fold each long piece of fabric in half.  This makes a smaller, fatter package individually, but doesn't take up any more space.  Much easier to manage.  I can go through a drawer and make the extra fold on all the fabrics in about 5 minutes.  When there is significant yardage it is hard to make this fold so I just leave it long.  It is thick enough to manage easily.

Much easier to manage.
I'll just do a drawer each time I go to my fabric storage shed.

Sew some happy seams this week.   I wish you a modicum of efficiency.


  1. Great idea for storing fabric. Folding it makes all the difference! Getting your machine serviced is so important, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Mardi,
    Good idea taking in your sewing machine for service while it's a down time for you. It'll be good to go when you are ready to get back into it. ~smile~

  3. just brought my sewing machine for her one year check up....I miss her already

    1. Glad to hear it. It is worth every penny.

  4. Thanks for sharing the reminder about the sewing machine service. Mine is due soon!

  5. good idea on the fabric storage, I hate when I can't add new without removing something else.

  6. I like your storage solution! I'm constantly changing mine as the size of my stash ebbs and flows. Boxes and bins that work well for fat quarters didn't work for yardage, scrap storage is always in flux, etc. Thanks for the reminder about servicing my machine. I really need to do that...

  7. Storing fabric is always a problem for me. Thanks for trying to find solutions. My problem is it will work fine for awhile but as soon as I start hauling bits out then it is work to sort it all again. I will have to see if I can do what you did.